“When I was younger my father would bribe me to sit at the shop after school. I used to be so restless, it was a task I have to tell you. I just wanted to go around and play. But what I remember very clearly is the craftsmanship of all the collaborators. Papa and his friends would painstakingly carve the smallest part of a mould or a cupboard or whatever job they had at hand. They sat for hours meditating on the wood. It was always fascinating for me mostly because I could not do it myself back then. *Laughing*

Now the times have changed, it’s almost impossible to find anyone with those skills. I seem to be one of the very few people. It is considered time consuming and not worth it.

But after my father’s death, I miss the craftsmanship. Everybody wants to get done with what they started before they started it. That is why I started the Livestream. To keep my skills intact, so that I do not forget the teachings of my father. He had been my teacher just as now I am to other people through the stream.

When I started it was just me sitting on the table with a camera and chiseling away small artefacts, but now the community has grown. I spend some days only answering questions from the chat. I feel that this is my way of giving back. To bring back the nuances of carving and save the craft from vanishing in our new world. And also in turn inspire someone along the way.”


Radio Interview with Pavan Mitroo, Creator of #CarveWithMe, a YouTube channel with 108 million followers


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