How did the Substance Glove come to be?

I like to keep learning new things, and about three years ago I got heavily into digital learning. Basically I wanted to get into a new skill, something other than leather work, and for some reason I thought it would be a good idea to get into pottery. It sounded tactile enough for me to not get bored, but the more I got into it, it became a challenge to practice digitally. And that is where the idea of the DIY gloves came from.

I just wanted to make something to help with lo-fi practice before I got myself a pottery wheel, but everything online was either expensive or made from products that needed to be parcelled from different parts of the world and had a larger carbon footprint than I was happy with.

I was discussing this with a friend of mine who teaches at the institute nearby and he suggested that maybe he could help, but on the condition that it be open source if we did come up with something. And that is exactly what we did once we had the product mapped, published the making process online so that anyone could make it move forward with their learning journey. The gloves are basically made from material found locally anywhere, and the system software can be downloaded from our website.

DIY Dastaan

More Than a Glove. Excerpt from an interview with Saroj for Source Magazine Issue 89: A New Beginning.


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