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Floral jewellery has become a new trend. From the haldi to the mehendi ceremony, brides are moving away from gold and silver, instead preferring to don jewellery made of flowers to enhance their wedding look. This concept may seem unique today, but it has always existed in South India where women wear gajras as hair accessories and other forms of floral jewellery as part of their daily getup. Curious to learn more about this niche yet growing industry, I met with a passionate floral jewellery maker in Bengaluru, Pallavi Pramod.

Pallavi started her career as a makeup artist in Pune and moved to Bengaluru after marriage, where she began making floral jewellery as an experiment to keep her engaged. The experiment soon grew into a personal project and then a full-time occupation. Today, Pallavi is devoted to her business, attempting to create adornments that are original and innovative.

Like many others, Pallavi also seeks inspiration for designs on Pinterest and other forms of social media, always adding her personal touch and signature style to the final piece. “My main motivation was after seeing Pakistani brides on Pinterest. From then on, I started to pursue this floral jewellery full time and have gotten a good response from my clients in the city and beyond.” Pallavi uses both real and artificial flowers to make her pieces. Materials such as beads and paper flowers are sourced from a local store in Bengaluru, whereas for real flowers, she heads to the phool mandi in the city to make her purchases based on the client’s requirements.

How did her relationship with floral jewellery begin? Since her childhood days, Pallavi has been fascinated with flowers and would always attempt to make something out of the blossoms she would collect. However, over time, this connection with nature was lost as the rigmarole of daily life took her on different paths. Her move to Bengaluru gave her the time to think about her old friends from the garden again. “When I create floral jewellery, it is a happy moment for me. But when my clients appreciate it, that is my real achievement.”

In case you are looking to purchase floral jewellery, you can reach out to Pallavi. She ships her designs across India and is soon planning to open a store in Bengaluru as well.


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