Local All The Way

We have been here in New Market for three generations now. My grandfather came and settled here after the partition. This was a place a little outside the city then. Earlier bamboo didn’t grow in these parts, we had to import it from Assam, Guwahati, Tripura, the Andamans. The cost to bring it is quite high when you account for the shipping, labour cost and other overheads. But my father had the idea of creating a bamboo nursery and so now we live here, and grow and sell bamboo products made from our own nursery.

Since my son came back we had been talking about making new products. And then one day our filter broke and it just clicked. We started making these filters out of things that were around us, and with testing, we found that it really worked.

First we make a two tier frame. The top part is the filter and is shaped like a funnel and the bottom one is a container in which the water comes and settles. The upper section has alternating layers of charcoal, grass, sand and gravel.

Local All The Way

Faizan & Zahir, Hyperlocal Makers from Mehrauli. Keynote Speakers at Innov8rs: Making Waves, Jakarta, Indonesia


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