Hunched over a glass table, Dayanand Ji is checking the AI-generated cutting patterns for hand bags when the first of his student-collaborators appears behind him. The table is connected to a motion sensor and recorder that maps his hand movements of the cutting process, and the cameras around him visually capture the process in coordination with the trackers on the scissors.

Unbelievingly Dayanand Ji says, “This machine is learning so fast. But I see that some things it does not understand might be because it lacks intuition.”

A year ago, Dayanand Ji, had been approached by the students of Jagannath Shastri Vocational Training Institute to share his experience and insights. One thing led to another and soon enough he was collaborating with a group of computer science students on developing an open source AI that would be able to cut and stitch designs by referencing small sets of images.

Mastering the Scissors

Notes from a meeting with Dayanand, Master Maker, Procedural Pattern AI Research Program, JSVTI


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