Welcome to India’s leading summit on the Craft of Repair - RE:FAIR 2036. Join us for our 10th anniversary event from Friday, December 19 to Wednesday, December 21, 2036.

Every year, we bring together crafts people, business leaders, policy makers, advocates, technologists, academics, government representatives, and journalists from around the country to tackle the most pressing issues at the intersection of repair, education, crafts, culture and technology.

The Re:Fair program is built by, and for, the community. Sessions are sourced from an open call for proposals, reviewed and voted on by the experts on our program committee, and curated based on urgent and emerging priorities.

This year we present a deep dive into Repair as a Movement, with sessions on repair activism and education; environmental monitoring tools; green governance; benchmarking the footprint of the living crafts sector; and more.

With the community continuing to grow every year, we were thrilled to welcome 4,954 first-time participants for a total of 15,625 participants tuning in from across the world.

RE:FAIR 2036



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